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Meet Darren

I'm a software developer who has the honor of using my skills and experience for the sake of the Kingdom.  I love creating applications that help people.  Through my role at Wycliffe, I am creating Bible translation software that enables others to fulfill their own calling of translating the Bible.  I want all people to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel, and have God's Word for themselves. 


When not working, you can usually find me rough housing with the kids and spending time with the family, hiking, biking, or watching a football game (Go Pack Go).


Meet Christina

I'm so glad you've stopped by.  Even as a homeschool mom, surrounded by noise and kiddos all day, I LOVE meeting new people, building friendships and connecting people to others and to Christ.  So if I haven't met you yet, be sure to send a message and introduce yourself.  I'm sure we'll become fast friends! 

I have a passion for all to know Jesus personally and be transformed by the power of His Word. I desire to see believers living intentionally for the Lord- using their gifts and experiences to glorify Him and make His name known throughout the earth.  What a privilege that God would bridge these desires to serve Him with Wycliffe.

When I have time, you can find me reading, creating something with my beloved Sharpies or watercolors, getting outside or spending time with family and friends.  

Meet the kids

Zack- Is our serious, and yet bold son, who is not afraid to stand for truth.  He loves being outdoors in God's creation, biking and building new LEGO creations.

Sadie- Is our creative and clever daughter, the peacemaker of her siblings who often makes us laugh with her witty humor.  She LOVES animals, writing her own stories and chronicling the life of her puppy on Instagram.

Holden - Is our friendly jokester who keeps us on our toes as we never know what he is going to say or do.  He loves making people laugh and is always tumbling, climbing, or busting a move.  

Smith- Is our quiet, sweet, old soul of a son who always seems to be thinking of the deeper things in life.  He loves talking about the Lord, worshipping in song with his guitar and creating art projects to decorate our walls and give to friends. 

Olive - Is our joyful and confident daughter who keeps us smiling with her silly expressions and sweet bear hugs.  She loves singing, reading books and being with the people she loves.

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