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May/ June 2023 Update

Happy start to summer! We hope you're doing well. Our family has been busy, but we're enjoying our summer routine now that school is out. Our time is filled with baseball, running kids to activities, serving in our local church, and building relationships in our neighborhood.

Our oldest, Zack, landed his first job and is working at the city pool- he's meeting lots of new people and enjoying earning money that he thinks will be spent on a motorcycle. ;) The highlight of our kids' summer is attending Forest Springs- an amazing Christian camp, and we continually pray that God would use opportunities like this to deepen their faith.

Christina and I celebrated turning 40 on a 3-day getaway to Sheboygan, WI. I remember when 40 seemed old to me, but now that we are 40, it doesn't seem that old after all . We had a blast walking the beach (in our winter coats ), and spending time together while Grandma watched our kids. It was a perfect time to reflect on the path God has put us on, and the many blessings we have with a busy house.


Support.Bible is ALIVE!This spring a coworker and I were able to help put the finishing touches on our brand-new support site. This website went live this week, and it is another piece of software for all organizations in the Bible Translation community. We launched it one month ago with a few applications using it for their support needs, and we already have a few other teams that are wanting to use it for their software applications! Last week we had translators from India, Asia and the Middle East get answers to their questions that are not covered in our Help documentation. As we look to support Bible Translation around the world this has been a much-needed website to help us do that.


The quote "A stranger is a friend I haven't met yet" sums up Christina fairly well. Christina loves meeting people, hearing their stories, and getting them connected.

Last year over 100,000 people a day traveled through Oshkosh's AirVenture- which is the largest and greatest aviation celebration in the world. Aviation enthusiasts travel from all over the world to be a part of this great event. Once again, Christina will be serving with our partner organization, JAARS, to share the needs in Bible translation and how God uses aviation to spread His message and love to the Nations. We are so blessed to have this opportunity for Christina to serve in a way that matches her personality and gifts so perfectly. If you are planning to visit AirVenture this year be sure to let us know... and if you've never been, consider this your personal invite!

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